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Having a vinyl privacy fence in the backyard can say a lot of things. It can say “these people are classy”, “these people want their privacy” or even “look at our amazing fence”. Many Americans dream of having a white picket fence in their yard. Purchasing the parts to build a fence is entirely possible and can be inexpensive if done correctly.

Several home improvement stores, such as Lowe’s, have vinyl fence sections in their stores. However, using their online locations is a quicker and more thorough process to finding the perfect vinyl fence. A vinyl fence can be installed in two ways: Either by the customer or by a professional. It’s obviously a lot cheaper, but more time consuming, if the customer chooses to do it by themselves. Hiring a professional can make the process finish in half the time, but will be a lot more expensive.


The Lowe’s official website provides numerous different vinyl privacy fences and fence parts for sale. These include pictures, product descriptions, and prices. Lowe’s features the following brands, in terms of fencing products: Barrette, Gatehouse, FREEDOM, Plastival, and The Rook. Barrette and Gatehouse make some decent items, but the other brands are decent as well.

"Summit fence supply" is an online retailer that carries various fence types and styles. They have a wide range of vinyl privacy fence designs, including the Chesterfield, the Chesterfield with Lattice accent, the Chesterfield with Victorian accent, the Chesterfield Certagrain, the Lexington, the Lexington with Lattice, the Chesterfield Curve, the Chesterfield Swoop, the Galveston, the Chesterfield with Huntington Accent, the Chesterfield with Westminister Accent, and the Chesterfield CertaStucco. Each fence type contains a high quality picture item description, and details about the product.

Buying vinyl fencing from a top-quality home improvement or online fence retailer is a better alternative than driving to various home improvement stores. These places have decent fencing selections and have customer service agents to help out whenever needed.