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Many people have fences in their yard. It’s the best way to either separate their house from the outside world, or just from their neighbors next door. Most people prefer to have privacy fences; meaning tall fences to hide an entire area. Privacy fencing is fairly easy to locate and can be purchased from most major hardware or home improvement stores. Searching online is also a convenient and helpful way to find privacy fences.

By typing in the keywords into Google or another search engine, the customer can view and compare various results. Lowe’s is a top home improvement store with numerous fence options. The Lowe’s website has 15 results in just the privacy fence section alone. The user can shop for their fence by refining their search; on the side of the page, there are separate categories to choose from. These include type, which are gates, panels, picket panels, or privacy panels; price; style; and brand. Barrette is a major brand who makes top-quality fencing products.

The top choice out of the 15 results is the six foot by eight foot Spruce Dog-Ear Wood Fence Panel for $44.95. “Dog-ear” merely means a rounded top. This fencing comes pressure treated, pre-assembled, and uniformly double-nailed. Another decent privacy fence is the 3-1/2 by 8 foot Spruce Gothic Wood Fence Picket Panel. This one is only $25.12, pressure treated, pre-assembled, and uniformly double-nailed.

"Houzz" is not an online retailer, but more of a home improvement idea website. It provides thousands of pictures of the decor keyword in question, along with comments and descriptions. Just by typing in “privacy fencing” in their search bar, the user will have 27,931 home design photos of pictures using privacy fences. This website has a wide array of privacy fence ideas available, from the simplest to the most outrageous. Some people have even used bamboo as a material for their fences.


For first time privacy fence users or newcomers in the home improvement area, typing specific keywords online and searching through the major home improvement stores is the best way to go. Lowe’s is one of the most dependable resources and is sure to provide the customer with decent results. Privacy fences are important for people to have, because they look sophisticated, as well as preserve their houses away from wandering eyes. Privacy fences are good for those who enjoy tanning, or have children who play outside.