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Over the years the Vinyl fence has grown rapidly to fill an ever expanding market gap that was previously not apparent. The main reason for this exceptional growth can be linked directly to the many striking features that these fences usually posses. In most cases one is likely to be wowed by their appealing and attractively aesthetic features that tend to transform even the dullest of homes or properties. Moreover although they tend to be a bit expensive especially compared to other traditional fencing methods such as the wooden fences they more than make up for it with their unmatched cost effectiveness.

These fences are equipped with handy features such as the Ultra violet protective quality that ensures that no matter how long they stay out exposed to the harsh sun rays they neither fade nor flake out as is common with most materials. Furthermore, they also never rot, rust or corrode ensuring that they maintain their exquisite looks for a very long time.

Other features that have considerably contributed to the making of these structures into the very important household structures that they are today include their versatility and flexibility. The following is a brief list of the most popular types they come in which are designed to fit very different and unique situations.


Privacy vinyl fence: this is probably the most popular type of fence out there today. In this model one can expect improved levels of privacy as it features tightly interlocked tongue and groove pickets that provide a solid barrier. This shields ones property from any prying eyes of both the passersby and the neighbors. Additionally they come in many different designs that further guarantee this privacy such as the crisscross, horizontal, vertical, and woven lattice patterns that are particularly popular around the swimming pools.

The vinyl picket: this is another popular type of fence that is made from vinyl. This fence is usually used to just demarcate property and keep in pet’s ad small children as opposed to offering any meaningful privacy. In most cases home owners use it to indicate their property boundaries or around areas such as the garden that don’t need any particular privacy or protection. It tends to look just like the ordinary popular wooden picket fences that are very popular with most families across the country.

The shadowbox: this type of fence is very popular due to its transformative looks both from the inside and the outside. With this fence one can enjoy a great view that is not as private as that of the privacy fence but still tends to offer the regular benefits of a traditional fence. In most cases this fence is very high and is used in areas that don’t require as much privacy but also need to be protected from unwanted intruders at all times.

These among many other types of the vinyl fence clearly point to these structures versatility and unmatched flexibility. Their variety ensures that anyone regardless of their particular tastes or preferences is bound to get exactly what they need at any time without much trouble.