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Bufftech is a certain type of vinyl fencing. Many people prefer this type of vinyl fencing over other types. Bufftech is considered a high-quality product which uses titanium dioxide; a chemical that protects vinyl against damage from UV rays.

Bufftech consists of several crucial qualities that other fences just don’t stand up to. Bufftech is building code compliant, meaning it can surround swimming pools and handle harsh weather. It meets ASTM standards and includes ColorLast fade protection. Features like these are vital to the performance of fences, because they are what determine the lifetime of the fence. Bufftech outlasts many other fences and is considered much more durable.

Certainteed website has a section totally dedicated to Bufftech fences. Every fence includes a decent picture and product description. Their top choice is the Galveston with Certagrain Texture; which comes in the following colors: arbor blend, arctic blend, Brazilian blend, frontier blend, honey blend, natural clay, sierra blend, and weathered blend. The customer can actually click on each color for a picture of what their fence would look like. Another option is the Chesterfield with CertaStucco texture. This is a durable fence that comes in the colors almond or mission ivory.


Bufftech vinyl fences can also be found at discount fence site. This website offers top-quality fences for an affordable price, and they are now offering 10% off all Bufftech orders. They have the following styles available in Bufftech: Cape Cod, Yorkshire, Rothbury, and Danbury.

The Cape Cod style is an attractive choice for classy people. It comes in three, four, or five feet. The Cape Cod style Bufftech fence is white in color, comes with an easy installation, is safe for kids and animals, splinter-free surfaces, maintenance free, and comes with a lifetime warranty. To get pricing of the time, simply click on the desired height. The Yorkshire fence is another Bufftech product that comes in either three or four feet. It’s white, comes with easy installation, made in the USA, comes with a three inch “dog ear” picket, consistent quality, safe, splinter-free, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Bufftech is a reliable type to pick for vinyl fences because it lasts longer than any other material and it looks equally as appealing. Many people are choosing Bufftech as their fence types. More and more fencing and home improvement stores are including Bufftech in their selections. For first time customers, Bufftech is the way to go.