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Vinyl is the most common material used for modern backyard fences today. Vinyl fences can be located in major home improvement stores or in various places on the internet. Being familiar with the Vinyl fencing costs and Vinyl fence parts is imperative to the shopping, purchasing, and installation processes.

"Home wyse" website will allow the user to enter in their zip code, then provides up to date pricing information for vinyl fences in that specific area. A chart will then show the “basic, better, and best” prices for material prices, installation cost, vinyl fence total, and total average cost per linear foot. For a 150 linear foot fence, the “better” cost would be $2304 to $2520 for the material prices, $688 to $773 for the installation cost, and $20.95 per linear foot.

These prices may seem outrageous, but they’re also at the high end of the scale; installing a fence by scratch, without the use of a professional, is much cheaper than hiring someone. Also, most people have the majority of materials and tools necessary for the job in their garage somewhere.

Home Depot is a trusted home improvement store with numerous vinyl fencing parts for sale right on their website, along with vinyl fencing costs directly underneath. On the left of the page, there are several options for narrowing the search down, including choice of vinyl fencing item (meaning gates, panels, or posts), price, price, brand, method of pick-up, review rating, and fencing material.


Some options to consider for purchase are: the Veranda six foot by six foot White Linden Pro Privacy Kit for $74.97, the Veranda six foot by six foot Lewiston Lattice Top Vinyl Fence Panel for $86.99, the Veranda Pro Series five foot by eight foot Vinyl Woodbridge Privacy Fence Panel for $124, and the Veranda Pro Series four inch by four inch by six foot Scalloped Routed Line Post for $19.52.

These parts and much more are widely available all over the internet. However, some stores have cheaper parts than others. If the part is the same make, model, and brand; then the smarter option is to purchase the cheaper one.