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Popular Vinyl fence designs

Although the vinyl fence is a fairly new entrant into the highly competitive fencing industry it has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception. This can clearly be observed in the sheer number of different types and designs of these fences that have sprung up within a very short time. Indeed manufacturers of these structures have been outdoing themselves and each other in coming up with the most appealing, cost effective and strong brand of vinyl out there to supply to an ever growing market.

This marked growth has also led to increased awareness into these structures and even the most ordinary of people especially contractors and homeowners are likely to know a thing or two about them. Although they are a bit highly priced compared to other traditional fencing methods such as the wood and steel types they tend to more than make up for it in their remarkable cost effectiveness and unmatched ease in maintenance. Once installed these fences only require regular washing with simple detergent and cloth as they don’t rust, corrode or rot ensuring that one doesn’t have to paint them or replace them every now and then. To further enjoy these fences the following is a list of unique designs that are very popular with most home owners today.


The wood grain fence: this is a very popular vinyl fence design that has taken over the market in recent years. With this design one can expect a beautifully designed and intricately created wood texture appearance on a traditional vinyl. This design tends to instantly transform the look of one’s home with its exquisite wood appearance added onto the smooth and appealing nature of vinyl. While looking to give ones home that natural and earthy look this is definitely the design to go for.

Lattice fence: This is another popular design that uses an attractive lattice design at the top rail of the fence. With this design one can expect the best in terms of privacy as it tends to be very tightly wound. To ensure that this design works though one should consult an expert on how wide the top rail should be to guarantee enough support for the lattice.

Stone textured fence: This fence as the name suggests comes in an appealing stone textured presentation that tends to be very transformative. From a far this particular fence actually looks like any other natural stone fence and one only realizes the difference on closer inspection. With this fence one can experiment with all types of natural and authentic designs within the actual homestead without worrying about them crashing with the synthetic vinyl. Gardens and fountains particularly tend to really compliment this type of design very beautifully.

Pool code fence: this is essentially a type of fence that should always meet a strict set of pool fence regulations that are usually set up by local building authorities. In most cases these fences tend to come with a few codes and requirements that are aimed at keeping all family members safe particularly children around the pool.