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Fence panels are needed to support and protect fences. Most of them are vinyl material; but can be found in wood, steel, or aluminum as well. Most home improvement and some hardware stores contain fence panels and their necessary tools. They can be bought as is, or the customer can buy all the parts and build it themselves.

Home Depot is one of the top choices and there’s a reason for it; it has two pages worth of panels to choose from. Each product is shown with a quick view, but if the picture is clicked, more helpful information is available. When clicking on a certain picture, a product description, more pictures, specifications, customer reviews, ratings, shipping options, and prices are available for the customer to view.


The first option is the Veranda six foot by six foot White Linden Pro Privacy Kit. “Privacy” just means that it’s meant to block off an area from outside view. This panel goes for $74.97 and includes tongue and groove boards featuring seven inch top and bottom rails. It’s made of durable vinyl, which requires little maintenance. The panel is white in color, but can also be purchased in sand color. It was given a four star rating.

For newcomers, reading the customer reviews is helpful because they are given first-hand information on the quality of the panel. This is the best way to safely buy products. For picket fences, the Veranda four foot by eight foot vinyl white spaced fence panel is a smart option to go with. This one goes for $59.97 each and was given a four star rating. It can be shipped to the customer or shipped to a Home Depot location for the customer to pick up. This picket panel comes pre-assembled, it’s made of vinyl, easy to install, and comes in the color white.

Lowe’s is another trusted resource for purchasing fence panels. Lowe’s has many locations, but their online website offers a better selection and in-depth details of their products. They have 33 different options for panels, which can be refined by category. The following categories can be selected for a more specific search: type of fence, price, style, and brand. Lowe’s carries several styles; including flat-top, lattice-top, gothic, dog-ear, scalloped, stockade, and shadowbox. Choosing the preferred style can greatly assist in shortening the customer’s search.

Lowe’s also carries the Barrette, Gatehouse, and FREEDOM brands. Their top choice in the fence panel section is the Gatehouse Arborley six foot by six foot white flat-top privacy vinyl fence panel. This is an attractive, tall fence for people who love their privacy. It goes for only $38.97 and it can be installed to step over terrain. This model is also sturdy, requires little maintenance, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Another option to go with is the Barrette Elite Stratford six foot by eight foot sand flat-top privacy vinyl fence panel.

This one is pricier, but it was given five stars and it’s bigger than the standard size. This model goes for $116. It provides installation with no brackets, aluminum reinforced bottom rails, and superior strength and style.
Shopping for the perfect fence may seem overwhelming, but thanks to the many online resources, it can be a breeze. Comparing prices and product durability is essential to the purchasing process. As long as the search for the perfect fence panels is done with precision and intelligence, there’s no reason the customer won’t be completely satisfied.