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Vinyl is the most common material for backyard fences. Most people prefer privacy vinyl fences, because privacy fences are taller and protect their yard from the outside world. Having a privacy fence is a good way to stay classy and solitary. People with a lot of neighbors surrounding their house generally try to buy privacy fences.

One place to locate vinyl privacy fences is the Home Depot, a trusted source for home improvement materials. Their privacy fence page includes several vinyl fences, along with detailed pictures and item descriptions. A Veranda six foot by six foot Somerset Privacy Vinyl Fence goes for $79.99 per box. It’s available in white, includes nine pickets for the panels, and is UV protected. The Veranda six foot by six foot Lewiston Lattice Top Vinyl Fence Panel is another option to go with; it’s $86.99 per box, white in color, contains nine pickets for the panels, and is UV protected.


"USA Vvinyl" has dozens of different types and brands of vinyl privacy fences. All of their privacy fences have been tested against wind gusts of up to 130 mph, so the customer can be assured that what they’re buying will be durable and built to last. "USA Vinyl" has nine different privacy vinyl fence options; including the Savannah, the Augusta, the Ashton, the Mason, the Halifax, the Scottsdale, the Tremont, the Louisville, and the Annapolis.

Clicking on a picture will produce many different sizes for that product. The customer can then select gates and posts for their fence if they wish. The Savannah vinyl privacy fence comes in seven different sizes, all of which are a different price. The six foot high by eight foot wide model is $110, and the four foot high by eight foot wide model is $93.

Another website to find privacy vinyl fences is "Vinyl Fence". Their most popular styles are conveniently listed right on the front page, along with product listings of the different types and brands of vinyl fences. Each product includes a large picture, along with a price per linear foot. Clicking on the picture will produce in-depth details of the fence and pricing for the customer’s choice of size.

Finding the perfect privacy fence is important to a lot of people, especially those who live in a populated neighborhood. Vinyl privacy fences are the classiest and best quality fences on the market. Finding them is a breeze, and online resources can be a great help in purchasing this product.